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Many of us here in Britain have long suspected that the bank bailouts combined with the MP’s expenses scandal and the general me, me, me attitude long promoted by politicians of all parties and persuasions would eventually cause some serious social upheaval.

Now it’s happened, the politicians and cops are simply using mindless platitudes like, “It’s unacceptable behaviour” and “gross criminality” to describe the recent riots and their participants.

A lot of this is simply playing to the gallery of public opinion and a lot more is to reassure the politicians financial backers that they’re still at the forefront of government concern. Obviously, if you put any of the above to any politician you’ll be immediately dismissed as either sadly misinformed, out of touch with reality or sympathising with criminals.

Fortunately, we have a long tradition of comedians and satirists holding government to account and exposing the truth of situations in a way many of us are simply unable to articulate.

With this article in the online Guardian newspaper, we can add Russell Brand to that list.

Please read:

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