Osama bin Laden: World Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011

Today U.S. special forces raided the al-Qaeda leaders’ compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and shot him dead as he resisted capture.

I’m glad that the worlds’ number one terrorist is now dead, but I would have preferred it if he could have been taken alive instead. The reason for this is that Islamic fundamentalists will now regard bin Laden as a martyr and raise him up as a god-like figure.

If the U.S. had been able to take him alive, he could have been put on trial and shown to the world as the pathetic man he really is. He could have had his day in court and in doing so discredit al-Qaeda with his fundamentalist ranting. I’ve often said that it’s not enough for us to say we’re better than them, we have to be better than them. Giving bin Laden the full rights guaranteed him under the law, ensuring he had a free and impartial trial would have been a great way to prove that our ways do work. Even though our ways are far from perfect, they’re far better than those offered by the fundamentalist cause; whether it’s Muslim, Jewish, Christian or other religious fundamentalism.

Having said all of that, I offer my sincerest congratulations to the U.S. special forces who carried out this spectacular operation with no casualties on their side and removed one of the biggest threats to world peace to have arisen since the fall of Communism.

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