Divided, We Fall

Just a quick note to remind everyone not to forget about the struggle for democracy going on in the Middle East.

Even though the victims of yesterdays’ tsunami are uppermost in everyone’s minds, let’s not forget those brave people fighting for the basic rights that we in the West take for granted everyday.

My biggest worry about that right now, especially regarding Libya, is that world media coverage will start to shift its’ attention away from the region and focus more and more on the tsunami as it’s the breaking story. This could be just the break Gaddafi is looking for as it could inadvertently give him some leeway to do things that the world would ordinarily catch him out on.

Even worse, we could all end up forgetting about the rebels altogether and force them into doing deals with the likes of al-Qaeda to get the weapons they need. This is a great chance to perhaps undo some of the damage done to the West’s reputation and credibility by the invasion of Iraq.

Lets not blow it.

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