Peter Kelamis – Clean Comedian

Here are six videos from You Tube of actor/comedian Peter Kelamis who is probably most famous internationally for his portrayal of Dr. Adam Brody on Stargate: Universe.

The reason I’m posting these, aside from the fact they’re hilarious, is because as the post title suggests, Kelamis is a so-called “clean comedian”. The language used here is very mild with only a few minor swear words used; and then only rarely.

I think that all modern comedians should pay attention to this as these videos are proof that you can be a side-splitting  comedian without having to use the many variations of “fuck”. It’s a very rare thing these days to find a comic that can deliver Kelamis’ brand of observational comedy and I hope that you’ll enjoy his performance, especially his facial expressions.

These videos were originally posted by jayse10024.

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